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Technical Information

4-20 mA current loop

How to configure a 4-20 mA input on a PLC.
Article with a step by step approach on hooking up configuring 4-20 mA inputs to a PLC.
Current range 4-20mA testers
DIVIZE current control units are available with different current range.
Connecting the 4-20 mA current source
Information about the connections of a 2-wire and 4-wire 4-20 mA device.
Simulating 4-20mA with a potentiometer
How to create a 4-20mA signal with a potentiometer and a resistor.
4-20mA analog inputs testing according Namur NE43
Short explanation of the Namur NE43 recommendation regarding input testing on analog PLC and DCS system inputs.
4-20 mA scaling calculator
Online calculator to convert physical values to 4-20 mA loop current
Current Loop Voltage Calculator
Online calculator to calculate voltage drop in a Current Loop system.
List of standards regarding 4-20mA current loop test units
Standards to which the current loop test units comply.

Oxygen monitor

Weather dependent control
Application example of the oxygen analyser as a weather dependent control system.
Standards oxygen measurement
Standards to which the oxygen monitor units comply.

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Technical Information