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DIVIZE b.v. Based in Voorschoten, The Netherlands, legally registered at the Chamber of Commerce Haaglanden with case number 27293939 will respect the privacy of all users of the divize.com website and will prevent personal information you provide will be safeguarded according the Dutch law for protection of personal information (WBP) .

Which data is concerned? How do we handle this data?
Order data:  
When you place an order on our web shop we need name and address data, and if applicable company data. This data is used to process your order. The data is stored on our secured server. The data is kept during the fiscal term of 7 years.

Account data.  
We offer the possibility to create an account on our web server. This account allows you to enter company, name and address data. In this account we offer the possibility to view, change and delete this data via My account. The account data is secured with a password of your own choice. When you are logged in your account the order history is visible. The data is stored on our secured server. The Order data is stored during the fiscal storage term of 7 years.
Subscription to our newsletter.  
On our website you can opt-in to receive our newsletter. After subscription we will sent an email to confirm your subscription. Our newsletter contains a link to unsubscribe from this newsletter. Your email address wil be deleted from our newsletter subscriber list. The email addresses are stored on our secured server. The email address is only used to sent our newsletter.
Visitor statistics.  
Our web-server records the ip-address used to visit our website and which pages are viewed. The time when the page is viewed and also the operating system and web browser used to view the page are stored. This data is used to detect errors on our website. From this data anonymized usage statistics are generated to optimize the content of the site and use this for marketing purposes. The data is stored for 6 weeks and removed.
Google Analytics  
Our website uses google analytics. Google gathers and stores visitor and usage data from our website. The Google privacy policy is available online. We use this data to create visitor reports which are used to optimize our website for selected users and search terms.

mail a friend.
On Divize.com we offer the possibility to inform somebody by email about a product displayed on our web site. By using this feature you will sent an email to a co-worker, colleague, friend, family or acquaintance containing a personal text with a hyper-link to a product on our web shop divize.com. To accomplish this you need to enter your own email address, the email address of the receiver of the message and a personal message. The sender is responsible for the content of the message in the email. Sending the email will be initiated on your initiative. The receiver can notify the sender of the email when the email is regarded as not wanted or inappropriate. Divize.com does not use the email addresses for other purposes then sending the email. Copies of outgoing mail are stored for a maximum of 2 weeks on our secured server.
Divize.com allows users to place a review with our products. You have to enter a name as displayed on our web-site and a product review. Divize.com wil check your review en make it visible on the site when approved.

Search terms.
Search keywords on our website are stored anonymous. The data is used to analyse the search queries from our visitors, and optimize our website according popular search terms.

Cookies are small pieces of information stored by your web-browser on your device (computer, tablet, smart-phone etc..) Divize.com makes use of cookies to identify you on sequential visits. Cookies allow us to gather information about the usage of our website and to optimize and adjust our services to better suite the requests of our visitors. Our cookies store information regarding identification of persons. You can configure your browser not to store cookies during your visit to our website Divize.com. When you do not want us to store cookies you can disable cookies in your browser, or give a notification about cookies stored. Please note some functions on our website will not function when cookies are disabled. Check the manual of your web browser how to set the cookie preferences. When the Divize.com is visited for the first time a notification about the usage od cookies is displayed.

Divize.com and other websites.

On the Divize.com website you will see links to other websites. Divize can not held responsible for the content on these websites and also how these websites handle your privacy data. Read the privacy statement on the relevant website if available befor visiting the site.

Divize wil never provide personal information to other parties other then data necessary to process your order. We will provide your address data to postNL, UPS or other courier services because the data is needed to deliver your package.

You have the right to view and modify the personal information we have collected. Questions about the stored data and modification of these data can be sent to:
Divize b.v..
attn. Johan Esvelt
Industrieweg 26

t. 088-7733733
e. info@divize.com
i. www.divize.com

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