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Oxygen analyser for O2 measurement in gas.

The A4009T oxygen analyser is designed for industrial application. Common use is tank blanketing with inert gas, flue gas, exhaust gas oxygen content measurements for combustion optimization and oxygen measurement in fire fighting systems. The O2 analyser uses a robust zirconium sensor, which makes the O2 analyser suitable for oxygen measurement in difficult situations with contamination and moisture.

Key features of the A4009T oxygen analyser.

  • Measurement of oxygen concentration in gas.
  • Measurement range from 0 tot 21% oxygen
  • Clearly readable display. Also in situations with little light.
  • Easy operation with only 4 push-buttons.
  • Long lifetime of the oxygen sensor.
  • Automatic calibration function.
  • Robust metal housing, suitable for flush panel mounting.

Connections on the The A4009T oxygen analyser:

  • Connection for 24VDC power supply.
  • Connection for the zirconium oxygen sensor.
  • 5 relay contacts, fo high/low alarm functions, automatic calibration valves and analyser failure alarm
  • 2 configurable 4-20mA analog outputs for remote indication of the oxygen content.
  • 2 digital inputs, with start automatic calibration and alarm suppression function.

Other features of the O2 analyser A4009T

De analyser is controlled by a DSP processor which reads the oxygen content 200 times per second, this guarantees a stable and fast response to changes in the sampled gas. Besides the processor controlling the temperature of the sensor so a stable operating temperature is guaranteed. This guarantees a long lifetime of the sensor.

The alarm contacts of the A4009T are fail safe. The contacts are energised when there is no alarm. The analyser has a self test system, when there is an internal failure, or a failure with the sensor or a 4-20mA output, this will be signalled by the alarm contact, which gives a possibility for a remote alarm.

The A4009T O2 analyser can be calibrated by hand on the clearly visible display, or fully automatic. The oxygen analyser is calibrated with 2 gasses, the oxygen content of the 2 gasses is free configurable by the menu. The zirconium oxygen sensor is very stable and calibration is rarely necessary. However it can be convenient to regularly check the correct calibration of the O2 analyser, with the automatic calibration function this can be unattended. The analyser will check if the calibration is performed correct. When for example 1 of the calibration gasses is empty, there will be an alarm and the analyser will not be calibrated.

The A4009T oxygen analyser is expendable with option boards, these can be mounted inside the O2 analyser and provide extra functionality. There is a option board with a CAN interface in development. The option boards are not yet available through our web shop. In case you have questions about our option boards or you want extra functionality please contact us. info@divize.com

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EAN :8719324187336
Country of origin :Netherlands
HS tariff code :9027 10 10 00
Weight :950 g
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