Weather dependent control

Weather influence can be a big disturbance on the efficiency of a burner. The DIVIZE A4009T oxygen analyser/controller can eliminate these influences and optimize the efficiency of the burner.

What happens: With changes in air pressure and humidity the amount of oxygen in a cubic meter of combustion air will change. As a result the oxygen/air ratio in the burner will change, en therefore the efficiency of the burner.

To much fuel compared to the amount of air will lead to:
  • CO en soot formation
  • Unburned carbohydrate in the exhaust gas.
  • NOx formation
  • Long flame, damage to the combustion chamber.
Too much air for the amount of fuel will lead to:
  • NOx formation
  • Short flame, low efficiency

The weather dependent control system will prevent these problems from happening. The control system will measure the the remaining oxygen in the exhaust gas. The measured oxygen percentage is a measure for the air/fuel ratio in the burner. Depending on the measured remaining oxygen content the air/fuel ratio is automatically corrected /controller.

The DIVIZE A4009T is equipped with this control function which can easily be configured to realize the weather dependent control function. The 3-point controller in the A4009T oxygen analyser allows automatic adjustment of the air supplied to the burner so the most effective air/fuel ratio can be maintained.

Weather dependent control diagram

The diagram above shows an weather dependent control example on a kettle.

This control system consist of 3 items:

Oxygen sensor

The oxygen sensor will measure the remaining amount of oxygen in the exhaust gas from the kettle. The oxygen percentage is a measure for the air/fuel ratio in the burner. When more air is supplied, the remaining oxygen content will rise, when less air is supplied to the burner the remaining oxygen content will fall.

Oxygen analyser

The oxygen analyser will evaluate the oxygen sensor and display the measured oxygen content. Based on the signal from the oxygen sensor and the set-point of the oxygen controller, the control valve will be set. The oxygen analyser has a variable pulse and pause time to compensate for the lag time from the system. A position change from the control valve will only after a few seconds result in a change in the measured oxygen content in the exhaust gas.

Control valve:

The control valve will influence the amount of air to the burner. This valve is not supplied by DIVIZE. The selection of the valve depends on the size of the burner and the necessary control range. When the fan is controlled by a frequency converter the speed of the fan can also be influenced by the oxygen analyzer to control the air supplied to the burner..

Advantage of the DIVIZE weather dependent control system are:
  • Optimal efficiency of the burner.
  • Easy mounting and configuration.
  • Suitable for existing installations.
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