DIVIZE was founded in 2006 and is specialized in development of electronics for industrial automation. Since 2006 we have sold our products to many customers a selection is shown below. DIVIZE customers

DIVIZE is located in a modern office with workshop in Voorschoten, the Netherlands.DIVIZE office and workshop Voorschoten the Netherlands

Standardized products from DIVIZE can be ordered through our web shop. Information about the products is provided and products can be ordered online. Several payment and shipping options are available
We can also develop products special for your needs, or we can modify standardized products to your needs. The modifications can consist of just your logo, or modified functionality, and also complete new functionality. Please contact us on info@divize.com For efficient development work DIVIZE has the best equipment and tools available. Products from DIVIZE have found there way to many customers all over the world, in all kinds of industry, such as hydraulics, maritime industry, mining, agricultural, aviation and textile industry.

WD601 WatchdogFPGA data acquisitionLogic analyser


PLC FAT Testpanel

DIVIZE can deliver complete test panels with 4-20 mA current loop controllers or other simulators to test control systems. These test systems are primarily used for FAT test to validate control system and data acquisition software. The use of the test systems can give big advantages because control software can be factory tested and validated. This will improve the quality of the software and the commissioning time will be shortened accordingly giving huge cost saving. These test panels are sold upon request. When you are interested in our test panel solution, please contact us by email. We will contact you to discuss your specific needs.

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