Current loop tester range

The DIVIZE A2007 current loop testers are available with several current ranges.

current loop 4-20 mA simulator range overview

Standard range 4-20mA

The 4-20mA current loop tester with standard range are universal. These units can be used for testing analog PLC and DCS system inputs, displays, controllers, I/P converters, frequency converters, hydraulic valves and many other devices. The range will prevent out of range errors on devices when the potentiometer is turned until the mechanical limits. The standard range is 4 to 20 mA with 1% accuracy. In order to guarantee the 4-20mA range is met, the tolerance is defined as 4 mA -1 + 0%, the maximum range is 20 mA -0 + 1%. Low range: 3,96 to 4,00mAHigh range: 20,00 to 20,20 mA.

Namur NE43 range

The 4-20mA current loop testers according Namur NE43 are used for testing analogue inputs on PLC and DCS systems designed according the Namur NE43 recommendation. These 4-20 mA testers can be used to test the reaction of PLC and DCS systems to failures in the 4-20mA transmitters. The range of the Namur NE43 units starts at 3,4 mA and ends at 21,5 mA. These 4-20mA testers are delivered with the same accuracy as the standard units, -1 tot 0% for the low range, 3,4mA and 0 - +1% for the high range, 21,5mA Low range: 3,36 to 3,40mAHigh range: 21,50 tot 21,71mA.

More information can be found on the Namur NE43 page

Extra large range 1,6-26 mA

The 4-20mA current loop testers with extended range can be used for simulating mA signals for apparatus with several status indications on the low and high range of the mA signal.

The extended range unit are delivered with an accuracy of 5%.

Low range: 1,56 to 1,64 mA High range: 25,35 to 26,65 mA

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