Software A2007U

The A2007U can be operated by NFC on your smartphone and by USB. controlled by various software packages.

Smartphone operation


Download button for A2007U android app

USB operation


Labview driver

The A2007U can be operated by NI LabView. This driver is provided for successful operation

The A2007U NI driver installation manual can be found on this page.

Software upgrade.

The A2007U firmware is up-gradable via the USB connection. The following tools are necessary to upgrade the firmware.

mono project

STM32-flash tool (Windows)

  1. Click 'open' and select the .bin file for download
  2. Click 'port' and 'select port' to select the port the A2007U is connected to.
  3. Click 'add' to prepare the A2007U for download.>/li>
  4. Click 'connect' to connect the A2007U
  5. Click 'bottom' to transfer the firmware to the A2007U, this may take some time.
  6. Wait for the "done" message.
  7. Click 'disconnect' to close the port
  8. Unplug and replug (power cycle) and the new firmware is loaded.
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