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Current loop testers for testing 4-20 mA loops, suitable for 2 and 4-wire use

Divize 4-20 mA current loop testers can be used for control or testing of equipment with a 4-20 mA current loop input. For example frequency converters, PLC systems, control valves, displays. This type of equipment is used in industrial environments such as maritime industry, hydraulics, water treatment plants and offshore.

Technical resources

4-20 mA scaling calculator
Online calculator to convert physical values to 4-20 mA loop current
Current Loop Voltage Calculator
Online calculator to calculate voltage drop in a Current Loop system.
How to configure a 4-20 mA input on a PLC.
Article with a step by step approach on hooking up and configuring 4-20 mA inputs to a PLC.
4-20mA analog current loop inputs testing according Namur NE43
Namur NE43 recommendation effect on 4-20 mA current loop PLC and DCS system inputs.

signal sources for testing industrial measurement and control systems

Industrial automation systems use several standardized control signals for measurement and control functions. During development and commissioning of these systems simulating these signals can be useful for testing and configuring the components which are controlled by these signals. The scope of delivery from DIVIZE covers several signal sources which allow simulation of the various signals in order to test and configure PID controllers, VFD drives, I/P converters, EHSV (Electro Hydraulic Solenoid Valves) PLC and DCS systems and other components used in industrial automation.

Oxygen measurement products for monitoring oxygen levels in industrial systems

The Divize oxygen monitor systems are used to measure the amount of oxygen in gas, this can be used for fire fighting systems, combustion analysis of industrial burners and controlled storage of meat, vegetables and fruit. The oxygen monitor system is used in maritime industry, green houses, metallurgy, packaging en agricultural.

Technical resources

Weather dependent burner control
Automatic adjustment of industrial burner to weather conditions.
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