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  1. Dial -30-200°C
    Dial -30-200°C
    Self adhesive Dial -30-200°C

    M2141C47 Dial -30-200°C details
  2. Bezel for display
    Bezel for display
    Bezel for loop powered display.

    DMS-BZL-3C Bezel for display details
  3. Loop powered display.
    Loop powered display.
    Loop powered 4-20 mA current display 3 1/2 digit

    DMS-20LCD-420S-C Loop powered display. details
  4. Kabel set A2007B-4M 1mtr
    Cable set 4mm for A2007B-4M (1mtr)
    Cable set for connection of the A2007B-4M 4-20 mA simulator to the equipment under test. The set consist of 2 wires of 1 meter length (red + black) and 2 alligator clips.

    K2007B01 Cable set 4mm for A2007B-4M (1mtr) details
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For optimal usage of the Divize products we have selected several quality accessories. The accessories are intended for several purposes, mounting of signal simulators and oxygen sensors. Indicating position and easy operation.

Accessories for signal sources.

For the signal sources we have several knobs and dials. The knobs are used to control the angle of a potentiometer. The knob allows for better control of the axle. Because the knob has a larger diameter than the axle, the axle can be turned more precisely. This allows a more accurate setting of the signal.


A dial is a face-plate with marking indicating the position of the knob. For most current loop signal simulators, the indicating is 0-100%. On these dials, 0 is equivalent to 4 mA and 100% equals 20 mA. The dial is used to quickly indicate the position the signal simulator is in. This allows us to get a quick indication of the signal coming from the signal source. The relation between the dial and the 4-20 mA signal is calculated with the 4-20 mA conversion calculator.

A multi-turn combined dial and knob are available for the precision current loop tester A2007E. This indicator consists of a dial and a counter. The counter is used to count the number of turns. When the counter and position of the knob are both known, the postilion of the precision 4-20 mA simulator is indicated. For example, when the counter is at 5 and the dial is at 0. This will indicate 50% meaning the output current is 12 mA.

The M2007E01 counter dial knob is suitable for the A2034E signal sources. Because the A2034E signal sources are bipolar the 50% position of the dial is equivalent to a 0 volt/ 0mA output signal. 100% is the maximum positive output signal an 0% is the maximum negative output signal.

In case an A2007C 4-20 mA potentiometer needs to be mounted in a panel with water/dustproof specification the IP66 mounting base can be used. The IP66 protection of this mounting base ensures complete protection from dust, oil, and other non-corrosive material. Besides it protects from water, even from powerful jets of water. The mounting base is mounted in an industrial standard 22 mm hole.

For the boxed 4-20 mA simulators we have cable sets. Several boxed units are delivered with the 4 mm multi-use connectors. These connectors can be used for 4 mm banana plugs. And loose wire connections. The banana plugs provide a reliable connection and are favorable over the loose wire connection. However, in some cases, there are no 4 mm cables available and loose wire is the only option. Hence the Divize boxed 4-20 mA simulators are delivered with combination connectors. We recommend ordering the cable set with the boxed 4-20 mA simulator. This will make sure the cables are present when needed. With the cable set professional alligator clips are delivered to connect the cables to terminals in cabinets.

Accessories for oxygen analyser.

For the oxygen analyser we have selected the mounting accessories and cables:

Several connection cables in different lengths. For some applications, the standard connecting cable of 1,9 meters is not long enough. For these cases, we can supply cables with special lengths. Please contact us if the cable with the required length is not available. We can supply these in any required length.

For mounting the oxygen sensor several mounting flanges, nuts and bases are available.

The oxygen sensor is used to sample the oxygen content in a process such as a combustion, chemical or other process. The sensor is mounted direct in the process or gas is taken from the process and by means of hoses supplied to the oxygen sensor. The latter method is called indirect mounting of the oxygen sensor. The first method is direct mounting of the sensor.

Direct oxygen sensor mounting

For direct mounting of the oxygen sensor we supply several welding nuts and flanges. Welding nuts are welded in the casing of the process where the oxygen content is measured. The nuts provide a thread for mounting the sensor and a machined surface for the gasket provided with the sensor. This provides easy mounting and removal of the sensor. It also guarantees air tight sealing between the process chamber and the surrounding environment.

Flanges are metal plates where the oxygen sensor is mounted. The flange is bolted in the process chamber. Advantage of flanges is that standardized access points in the combustion chamber can be used for mounting the oxygen sensor. Several flanges are available on request. The flange need to match the mounting base on the process chamber.

Indirect oxygen sensor mounting

For indirect measurement of the oxygen content several accessories are available. Typical accessories are a mounting base with hose connections, filters, flow indicators and a sample gas pump.

The accessories shown on this page are available from stock, if you have any questions about accessories not shown just let us know.

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