4-20 mA current source

low-cost 4-20mA current source

  • Simulate 4-20 mA current signals.
  • Easy exact and stable operation
  • Direct replacement for 2 wire sensor.
  • Delivery from stock
  • Easy online ordering
  • Worldwide (express) shipping
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precision 4-20mA current source

4-20 mA current source usage:

  • PLC and DCS system FAT/SAT software function testing by manually setting the current on analog inputs.
  • PID control function testing by simulating the process value by replacing the sensor with a 4-20 mA current source.
  • I/P converter and pneumatic positioner calibration and testing by manually setting the current for the 4-20 mA control signal.
  • Calibrating 4-20 mA displays


4-20 mA current source key benefits.

  • Easy operation, turn left to decrease current, turn right to increase current.
  • Tested to comply with international standards for industrial equipment
  • FCC and CE declaration of conformity available for download.
4-20mA current source with indicator


4-20 mA current source information



4-20mA simulator

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