4-20mA scaling calculator

4-20 mA signals are used to transfer a physical value such as a temperature, pressure or other physical quantity. The current in the loop represents the corresponding physical value.


A 4-20mA temperature transmitter with a range of 0 tot 100 degrees Celsius measures a temperature of 20 degrees. Then a current of 7,2 mA will flow in the loop.

The current corresponding to a measured value can be calculated with the 4-20mA scaling calculator below:

The 4-20mA scaling calculator is based on the following formulas:

Conversion from a current (I) to a physical value (Pv) formula:
$$ I = \frac{ I_{high} - I_{low} }{ Pv _{high} - Pv _{low} } \cdot ( Pv - Pv _{low} ) + I_{low} $$ Conversion from a physical value (Pv) to a current (I) formula: $$ Pv = \frac{ Pv_{high} - Pv_{low} }{ I_{high} - I_{low} } \cdot ( I - I_{low} ) + Pv_{low} $$
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