Standards current loop test devices

In order to ensure the compatibility of the current loop test units to other equipment these units conform to several internationla standards.

General standards

The A2007 series 4-20 current loop testers comply to the following standards:

IEC 60381-1
Analogue signals for process control systems. Part 1: Direct current signals.

ISA-50.1-1982 (R1992)
Compatibility of Analog Signals for Electronic Industrial Process Instruments

Namur NE 006
Standardised Electrical Signals and Questions relating to Engineering Technology

These standards specify the voltage and current levels for the current loop, the load of the circuit is specified as well.

EMC standards

Like all electronic equipment the DIVIZE current loop test units need to comply with electromagnetic compatibility standards. The tests are conducted according the folowing standards.

NEN-EN-IEC 61326-1:2006/C1:2008
Electrical equipment for measurement, control and laboratory use – EMC requirements – Part 1 General requirements.

Namur NE21
Electromagnetic Compatibility of Industrial Process and Laboratory Equipment.

The IEC 61326 and Namur NE 21 standard are mainly equivalent. In cases there are differences between the standards, the highest test levels are used. The Namur NE21 describes additional test regarding voltage dips and fluctuations.

Extra standards.

The DIVIZE current loop testers are tested according the following additional standards:

NEN-EN-IEC 61131-2:2007
Programmable controllers – Part 2: Equipment requirements and tests

NEN-EN-IEC 61800:2005/A1:2012
Adjustable speed electrical power drive systems - Part 3: EMC requirements and specific test methods

The current loop test units are frequently used in combination with PLC and DCS systems. Although it is not required by the CE DIVIZE has tested the current loop units according to these standards as far as applicable. The use of the current llop test units for setting speed, torque and other parameters on frequency converters and drive systems is also a common application. Therefore the units are evaluated according these standards as well (as far as applicable).

CE Declaration of conformity.

For each product range a CE declaration of conformity is available.
CE declaration of conformity A2007B
CE declaration of conformity A2007C
CE declaration of conformity A2007E
The declaration of conformity can also be found on the product page at the download section, or on the attachment-list.

FCC Declaration of conformity.

For the A2007 series a FCC declaration of conformity is available.
FCC declaration of conformity A2007
This FCC declaration of conformity can also be found on the product page at the download section, or on the attachment-list.

Standards for the oxygen analyser products.

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