Signal sources

DIVIZE has several signal sources for testing measurement and control systems such as controllers, displays, PLC's and DCS systems.

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  1. Bipolar voltage source front
    Bipolar variable voltage source -10/+10 Volt

    Bipolar -10...10 V voltage source.

    The -10/+10mA signal is used in various industrial applications. The A2034E-VU voltage source allows to replicate the -10...+10 Volt signal to check and test the actuators such as EHSV in hydraulic systems, variable frequency converter drives and various other applications.

    A2034E-VU Bipolar variable voltage source -10/+10 Volt details
  2. PT100 simulator
    PT100 Simulator
    As low as €23.76

    PT100 simulator for simulating RTD temperature sensors.

    The PT100 temperature sensor can be replaced by the PT100 simulator, then it is possible to set the temperature manual, hence manually adjust the temperature coefficient with the RTD simulator. By setting the temperature manual, it is very easy to verify correct operation of temperature alarm devices and temperature controllers in refrigeration, heating, cooling and other temperature based devices.

    A2041C PT100 Simulator details
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Signal sources for simulating several electrical signals as used in measurement and control techniques.
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