4-20mA Current loop

DIVIZE offers a complete range of 4-20mA current loop testers. The testers are used with various tasks in industrial, maritime, building and agricultural automation.

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  1. 4-20mA simulator A2007B-4M overview
    4 20mA current loop tester with indicator and 4mm connection

    4-20 mA current loop tester with indicator and 4 mm laboratory connections.

    De A2007B-4M signal-source is designed as a universal 4-20mA tester. The A2007B-4M is an essential tool for the instrumentation technician and shall be present in every instrumentation workshop. The A2007B-4M can be used for testing PLC analog inputs, displays and barriers. When an external power source is used, the A2007B-4M can also be used as a signal source for I/P converters, valve positioners etc.

    The multi-turn potentiometer allows a precise and exact setting of the current. The indicator gives a direct indication of the status of the loop, is it powered and working as intended.

    A2007B-4M 4 20mA current loop tester with indicator and 4mm connection details
  2. A2007B-DIN current loop tester DIN43650 connection
    Current loop tester with indicator DIN 43650

    4-20mA current loop tester with DIN 43650 / DIN EN 175301-803 Form A connection, designed for simulating pressure, position, temperature, and other transmitters with a DIN 43650 connection. The plug can easily be disconnected from the transmitter and connected to the A2007B-DIN. Then it is possible to control the 4-20mA signal with the multi-turn potentiometer. The indicator gives a direct indication if the loop is powered and works correctly. Because the potentiometer allows setting the 4-20mA signal alarm set-points can fast and easy be tested

    A2007B-DIN Current loop tester with indicator DIN 43650 details
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Usage examples of the 4-20 mA current loop tester.

Software testing.

Testing of software for PCS systems (PLC/DCS) Before commissioning of industrial automation systems software has to be verified. Alarm set-points are checked, simulator range settings are verified etc. etc. For this purpose the 4-20 mA signals from pressure, temperature and other transmitters have to be simulated. The Divize current loop tester allows manual setting of the 4-20 mA current representing the measurement value from the transmitter. So the PLC software can be verified for correct response to the measured value. This can be done in the office allowing faster on site commissioning saving time and resources.

Manual adjustment of set points

For industrial machines in many applications a manual adjustment or control is necessary. The 4-20 mA input on many PID controllers, VFD drives and PLC units is used for this purpose. The Divize 4-20 mA generator is used to control the 4-20 mA input Thus allowing manual adjustment of set-points. The stable, and temperature independent control of the current allows easy control of the set-points.

Dry testing of machines.

Before delivery many machines are dry-tested. For this purpose a special test set-up is created simulating all kind of running signals so the proper functioning of the machine is ensured. In this kind of set-up the Divize 4-20 mA generators are often used to simulate analogue measurement signals.

FAT/SAT testing of PCS systems

During FAT/SAT testing of PCS systems the 4-20 mA generator is connected to each analogue input of the PCS system, according testing protocols several control schemes are simulated to verify correct actions from the PCS system. The control schemes can be complicated, the low cost 4-20 mA testers are designed for this purpose.

Loop checking.

During loop checking, the complete measurement loop of a single instrument is verified. For this purpose the instrument is disconnected and replaced with a 4-20 mA generator used to simulate the 4-20 mA signal from the instrument. With this 4-20 mA generator the full range of the signal is simulated allowing effective and combined verification of all components that are part of the loop.

4-20 mA current loop tester features

The Divize 4-20 mA testers are designed to test and commission 4-20 mA current loop systems. With a potentiometer the 4-20 mA current in the loop is set manually allowing verification of the loop and the equipment attached. The 4-20 mA current is set independent of the voltage applied to the loop, the 4-20 mA simulators are suitable for a maximum voltage of 32V DC as required by ISA 50.1 standard. Because the loop current is set with a potentiometer the current loop testers are also known as 4-20 mA potentiometer.

The 4-20mA current loop generators are passive, suitable for 2 wire connection. When a 24 Volt DC power supply is connected, the 4-20mA simulator can also be used for 4-wire connection testing aka 4-20 mA generator.

The 4-20mA current loop simulators are protected for wrong connections, also the current is limited so there is no risk of damage to the equipment that needs to be tested

The Divize 4-20 mA current loop testers are available with different current range, suitable for normal 4-20 mA operation but also Namur NE43 range and extended range. Various potentiometers are available standard 300 degr potentiometer for fast setting of the current, and 10 turn precision potentiometers for very accurate setting of the 4-20 mA current. Panel mount types are available, and boxed hand-held units.

The Divize 4-20 mA generators are tested and comply with FCC rules, and CE.

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